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byintmarine, May 21, 2012
Facebook Article Bar
I just wanted simple. Hours of sifting found this superb extension. The choices predict subtle ideas as I think of them. Well done! No, Very Well Done.
byintmarine, February 27, 2011
Foreign Exchange Calculator
Exactly perfect installation and implementation.

I wanted something simple so the audience could see prices in their own currency while reading articles, so I didn't have to translate them each time in articles.

So fun to watch it work - like magic.
byintmarine, January 1, 2011
Akeeba Backup
Akeeba Backup is not only the perfect backup and restore program. It is also the standard against which all other Joomla, nay, any software package should be held to.

It installs perfectly. It updates perfectly. It informs you with what is going on. The documentation is perfect. The forum is usable and active. This is rarely done with even the simplest extensions, yet Akeeba Backup has to take in so many variables that it is amazing.

There are many well-intentioned providers in the Joomla world, and many great programs. There are some who go out of their way to help, but none that I have used compare in efficiency on every point of user friendliness and getting the job done.
byintmarine, October 25, 2010
There is an elegance in the user experience of this extension, and a lot of hidden beauty in the back end as well. I love the way that the installation tells you what has just happened, instead of just a one line ack of 'module installed'. Even the upgrades are verbose and leave me unworried.

Fantaastic; keep up the good work.
byintmarine, October 2, 2010
CComment Pro
This extension is superb, 1st class in every way. The ability to refine who gets in are logically laid out, but the standard implementation is perfect. Thanks Daniel.