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byironlion37, April 25, 2013
I use this module with virtuemart sites. Simply said, it is ESSENTIAL. There are a lot of holes in virtuemart and the functionality of metamod helps to fill the gaps. I recommend metamod pro too. The price is cheap and the support is some of the best I've ever seen.
byironlion37, May 9, 2010
KA Facebook Like and Share
Easy to install; works well, great support. I had up and running in minutes (which included some help from the developer).
byironlion37, May 9, 2010
KA Twitter Anywhere
So glad this developer took the time to put this together. Simple, comprehensive and works well. I highly recommend. Note: the current version (5/9/10) only allows the tweet box to be added to articles as {plugin}. I need to publish into a module position. The developer said that's coming soon. Excellent response time from the developer - I recommend this and his other SM plugins.