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byislandguy, November 19, 2013
An absolute miracle. Golden product from a winning team of super-heroes who continually deliver again and again above expectations. Phenomenal. GO GET IT! (I've used Joomla social components for 5yrs+ and this is now undeniably THE ONE)
byislandguy, November 19, 2013
Virtual Domains
I spent many months trying to run two independent URL's from one core Joomla install. This does an excellent job for me and support was quick too when I hit a glitch moving to Joomla 3.2... support was there and fixed things within 24 hours. So now I've got Virtual Domains working great on my Joomla 3.2 install. Nice. Don't overlook its potential to cover a missing feature which should probably really be in the Joomla core!
Owner's reply

Thank you islandguy. You helped me to solve some problems that I would never have discovered.

So for other people: After migration to Joomla 3.2 your installed VD may fail. You have to update to revision 167 ( Get it from

byislandguy, June 20, 2013
HexMap Pro
Not only does this mapping module do what it says, and do it well... the support team behind it all very committed too.... some issues unique to my site were dealt with immediately and professionally. Great support is so important and it seems the HexMap team have got that perfected. Great job guys.
byislandguy, November 13, 2011
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After finding MightySites, I achieved within a few hours what I'd been trying to achieve through various other means for YEARS.... Multiple domain names with different landing pages on a single Joomla install.... Awesome... Support was there too 100% from the developers. Really pleased with this.... Go grab it!
byislandguy, November 13, 2011
Login Styles
Simple and Brilliant - That goes for both this module and the support behind it.... It does what its supposed to do - and when I wanted to get things tweaked slightly for my unique site the support was there - fast and effective. Thumbs up for this one!
byislandguy, June 1, 2010
Deluxe News Pro
This module certainly looks wonderful... and to be fair it was in Chrome, Safari, Opera.... But in IE (and I'm talking IE8!) it wasn't working for me. The support guys did try VERY hard but no solution. In the end it was unworkable - I couldn't have my IE8 users not see things properly.... The very sad thing though, is that JoomlaXTC would not EXCHANGE the product after this experience. I asked for an EXCHANGE for one of their other products rather than a REFUND (Really in appreciation for the help they'd tried to give!!!) - BUT this was denied me. So I really can't rate this higher than a 1 I'm afraid. Good potential - Looks great on THEIR site - but proceed with care!!!!!!
Owner's reply

Hello - This is very unclear to us. Could you please contact us again with the ticket #? We can not find the ticket and our product does work with IE fine - If there is an issue it can be solved and if it didn't work we for you WE WOULD offer and exchange... Please submit a ticket with the original ticket # so I can speak to the support person.

byislandguy, April 29, 2009
DT Register
Why oh why did I wait so long to get DT Register? Maybe it is because I use EventList and was reluctant to install JEvents as well... but whatever the reason I shouldn't have waited...

DT Register is absolutely brilliant (as has been the level of support I've had on some techy issues I raised). Very well thought out. Very well executed. Effective. Simple. Professional. GREAT COMPONENT. Seems to be going places development-wise too. Recommended without reservation!
byislandguy, November 28, 2008
Filtered News
This is a very powerful module and I'd recommend it totally aside from it's one major flaw... The problem is you can't tell it not to show on category and section blog views - so whilst it's great having, for example a list of other articles by the same author on an article view page - you can't stop a list of articles from also appearing on the category / section blog summmary pages - which by design already display that info :-(