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I've tried no less than a half-dozen extensions to make a complex form (think along the lines of a job application - but more in depth). I've tried free ones and I've bought at least 3 (can't remember). I've been trying to get this finished for going on 3 months now (I do not work on it daily).

My frustration level with other form extensions got me to a point that I was working on just a fillable PDF because I'd had it.

I was skeptical about trying Proforms, I fully admit it - and I was not prepared to purchase anything other than the bare minimum (tired of wasting money you know).

BUT - I am SO loving it!! I've done a lot of back & forth to make the form "perfect" but it's so freaking easy once you understand the concept of building the form on templates.

I explained it to my husband like this - think of it like Legos.
But, with these Legos, you build each Lego block yourself (template), then you use the blocks you made & build a Legotastic creation (the form)

I had a question that I could not find the answer to in Proforms wonderful helpdesk feature - so I submitted a request (I was hesitant because I hate to ask for help, and I hate to appear stupid) - they got back to me pretty quickly with a straight forward solution to my dilemma.

All 'round would recommend this - I'm going to upgrade to the 365-day package!