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Qlue ToolTip
I've been working with this for about a year now and finally got around to purchasing the pro version to open up more possibilities .

WOW ! Didn't actually realise that the usage of this is like a portable mod you can use anywhere, anytime and any place .

I haven't even begun to utilise what this puppy can do
but for the small price I paid, even if it only did one of the many things,
its worth it .

The support has been fantastic as well .
Within hours I had simple, concise answers to my problems which had nothing to do with Qlue Tooltip in the end and they still filled me in on the fixes i needed .
You guys rock and so does your POWERTIP ...ahem Tooltip a bit carried away there .
But tooltip just doesn't describe this powerful little toy !!!
Core Design Accordion
I have to say that this is an outstanding Plugin . Once you read through the documentation it makes perfect sense . And it makes your articles so much easier to work with . I am only using it to shrink the page size of my articles and it works without a hitch . Just put {accordion}Title for accordion::Content for accordion{/accordion} in any article and it will collapse whatever is inside the accordion tags . Make sure you install the scriptgator plugin from the developers site and enable it with - Load jquery set to SITE ....and enable this plugin and everything else just works!!! Hats off to the developer for a fine product .
DT Register
We knew when we purchased this we were waiting for the new release (2.7) but we purchased it anyway and waited for the new version before working it into our site . DT Register staff were put under a HUGE amount of pressure from users to release it ASAP which did happen . Only problem was it wasn't ready to go . So a lot of users banded together and informed DT Register staff of the problems and all the problems were fixed according to priority .
This is the best Event Manager out their in my honest opinion, as we had trialled a fair few before ending up with DT Register . I have nothing at all bad to say about this component as it does everything you want and more . Once you learn your way around, the possibilities are endless and coming off the 2.6 version which has always been reported as one of the best , these guys had to keep the new version in the same stead .
These guys have been working flat out trying to keep up with all the fixes , but to their credit, every fix has been perfect . And there upgrade process is a simple . Un-install , re-install and re link your menus . Can't be simpler .
I would recommend this to anyone looking for the best event manager out . Don't waste your time with others , Trust me ...we did.
After a 2 day sign on event this weekend with over $100 000 taken in registrations going off without a hitch , Well , You can see why I am happy .
Great Software , Great forum Support and a Great Team :D