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byiswy, September 6, 2011
MaQma Helpdesk
Wow.....No other word to describe this.
I have installed hundreds of components over the a bit of a joomla fan to say the least.
I wanted a helpdesk and other ones that seemed great caused issues for me. I found this helpdesk which i'd never noticed before. I bit the bullet and bought it. Installed it...and oh my gosh..this is so intuitive, SO SO feature rich (2hrs into playing and i still discover major features! Not to mention the amount of modules, translations, plugins, and links to different 3rd party components...stunning!). I hit some errors upon initial installation. I wrote on the support forums (which seemed a bit empty and worried me)...within a couple of hours, i had the developer personally replying. He then went on to skype chat with me and look at my site personally. The next day i woke up to see he'd been working at night to fix things. He contacted me as soon as he came to work...came back..sorted everything for me. Shared his screen with me and gave me a few explanations to things i'd not understood and introduced me to his other products.
I have no idea whether to go on more about this EXCELLENT helpdesk component, that's beautiful to look at..and am sure can handle much more than my needs if necessary, or whether to go on more about this developer. If only all developers worked like this and cared so much about their work. THere's a reason the official joomla site uses this component. I know i said one word and this came to more. So what? You get the idea...don't think twice...don't try the other helpdesk components - that simple! (And no i'm in no way affiliated with this...i'm just outstanded by the level of support, and the quality of this component)
Speechless to be honest
What faboulous (sp?) support from a very clever individual.

We had a v specific use for a booking system (online tee-time golf rounds) with v specific needs
inc online payments

This not only was the only one that came off better than others for the job...but even when we hit a snag...the developer who'd already pointed out he didnt do custom work, said he was planning on the implementation at one point and was happy to offer me a refund
but a
day later he'd sent me a pre-beta release with this included.

I could end up being accused of spamming this site if i wrote as much as i want to in regards to this developer.

A phenomenal booking system, with great extras from jomsocial plugins, to free iphone/win mob7 / android apps for staff and users

See what i mean?? GREAT JOB i wish all devs would care this much about their work and paying customers.
byiswy, December 14, 2010
Ok firstly i promise i am in no way whatsoever affiliated with developer - just spoke with their support team for 2 mins just now

I have been testing different newsletter products before choosing which to buy - tried both acajoom and the newer jnewsletter

It works perfectly - client understands how to use it
it syncs great with jomsocial, and so far its teh only one that fit all my requirements perfectly

I was running into a small warning error regarding headers already sent between jomsocial and jnews

Tried searching on the support page

First thing i noticed
cant remember last time i was at any site webdesign or otherwise related that said it was online

Immediately an answer
Immediately proper responses and NOT CANNED responses

not in a hurry to get rid of me either

helped me out
immediately emailed me a latest version to try out instead

and yes

i havent given them a penny
and even though i've said a nice bye and thank you. their live chat is still open in a tab in my browser, and i hear it pinging away - so in the time its taken me to write this, i STILL have their live support chatting to me

What with a great great product - and such AMAZING support - i am without doubt definately going to become one of their happy customers

try it out - wont regret it guys
This product might not have as many downloads yet as AcaJoom or reviews etc

Thats because its from the same guys - it's like a newer component of theirs, they still run / support acajoom, but made a new product with much more features etc.... looks great works great - and oh wow the support!!
And yes
i am not affiliated to them in any way

no i am not on drugs - they really have impressed me that much... last time a company impressed me with such great support for free was from the large company Creative, (who anyone whose used them would know how good they are) and that was nine years ago.......