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byitsjeff, January 25, 2013
Simple MP3 Player
I was tasked with migrating a 1.5 site to 2.5, and one spot I hit a snag was an mp3 player module with playlist and controls. The extension was not updated for 2.5 compatibility, so I was on the hunt.

I found this module and it is a perfect (and better?) replacement. Really easy to customize the appearance and has all the features I needed. Nice to know about for future needs and best of all, it's free! Thanks!
byitsjeff, December 21, 2012
Article Placed Anywhere
Works like a charm to allow embed of singular articles in any module position.

This will entirely replace for me the Custom HTML module, as it allows for front-end editing capability.

I like the simple parameters (similar to menu item->single article) rather than inserting/embedding an article such as the articles anywhere extension, which can have presentation issues if you use JCE or something similar with automatic content-wrapping.

Thanks for creating this and most of all for offering it freely!
byitsjeff, August 28, 2012
This extension has a LOT of options to help you do what you need, or it can be used out of the box for simpler needs.

I've used it in several ways on a few different sites and am impressed as I learn more of its features each time.

Support has been great as well, the community forum is active and responsive to suggestions and issues, with frequent updates to their downloads.
byitsjeff, August 28, 2012
Easy install through the JCE addon installer, easy to link to events through the link editor just like a menu or content item.

Developer fixed issue with previous version, it works great with J!2.5 and Jevents 2.2.
byitsjeff, July 19, 2012
Featured Categories
Great, simple module extension that adds functionality I wish the Joomla core had.

I'm trying to display a page with a blog format but have the articles in groups, organized by their category. This module has me so close.

I wrote "nearly" perfect because I want to show full articles, not just leading/intro text. I set the character limit very high but still then it will not show images. Not sure if this is possible?
byitsjeff, November 7, 2011
Simple File Lister
Using this extension with the author's Simple File Uploader on a site for clients to upload artwork and large files, too big for e-mailing.

I've installed this and set access to "special" to give the site owner an easy way on the front-end to view and delete (enabled in parameters) files if necessary.

I encountered a problem with JavaScript/jQuery, but the author quickly responded to my comment/e-mail and offered solutions. There was even a parameter built in to fix the script issue.
byitsjeff, November 7, 2011
Simple File Upload
Really makes it easy to let users upload files, simply! Works well as is, or can be configured for more particular needs.

I'm using it, for example, for a client that wanted a way for their clients to submit files and artwork that was too big for e-mail. This extension allowed me to have users upload to their own, separate, sub-directories and don't see other users' folders or files.