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byivanzs, March 15, 2012
I bought the new version and I use it in one of mine Joomla 2.5.2 sites. This component is very easy to use and has great potential and versatility!

The one thing I like the most is that both the payment methods and the payment TYPES are implemented as Joomla plugins which are manageable through the Joomla's plugin interface, which means that this component may be used to sell services linked not only to Mosets Tree, if you have the relevant Joomla plugin that is...

I am looking forward to see what functionality the next versions will offer. It would be nice if the new plugins are focused not solely on Mosets Tree but on other components too (com_content, K2, etc.).

Keep up the good work!
byivanzs, October 8, 2011
Post by Email
I do SEO optimization. A lot of it. With the Pro version of the component, which is quite better than the free one. When I write an article all I have to do is post it to an email address, known only to me, and here it goes: it is posted in all my J1.5 sites.

It not only supports HTML - I have full control upon which tags to allow in my content and which tags gets stripped (when importing RSS like e-mails). It supports attached files, so I am able to put some images on the right place in my articles! I do love this option!

Frankly I've never tested with Kunena or other joomla based forum engine. Nevertheless it does what I need it to do - it makes my life easier saving me time and efforts.
byivanzs, September 20, 2011
Seo Links
For me this extension is a "must have" for everyone who is doing SEO optimization like I do. I use it in all my Joomla 1.5 sites. Hundreds of links are spawned with just a few clicks of the mouse. You have control over where these links to appear and how many key words to be replaced in an article so it won't be flooded with links.

Well, it would have been nice if the SEO Links had the ability to spawn HTML markup instead of links... I hope you will add this feature in the next version...

Nevertheless, this is a fine tool which saves me a lot of typing. Keep up the good work!
byivanzs, May 30, 2011
I use the platinum version of the aggregator for seo optimization primarily.
I do like its ability to spin and randomize the rss items' content as well as inserting some HTML in the article's body, which makes my work a whole lot easier!
Add this to the cron and the component works practicaly alone, piling pseudo-unique content for the search engines.
The "use synonyms" option makes the aggregator considerably slower, though. Probably it is because of the large synonyms database, I don't know. But I can live with that :)
The installation went smoothly right from the beginning so I did not felt an urge to call the support team...
Owner's reply

Thank You for this review. We constantly work on component to make it even better and also version for Joomla 1.6 is already published on our website.