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byivo008, February 5, 2012
TweetBoard Pro
another tool I installed and tested on my site. Here is why it is special:

1. Design. The addon smoothly integrates into your website with a nice button. Once you click on it a full feature twitter box slides in.
2. Configuration is easy, but be aware of the fact that you need a customer key from Twitter (you get it free at
3. Once installed users can directly tweet on your site (even a hash tag for prefferred recipients can be configured).
4. In case you have new questions they get answered fast within their support forum.
Overall: Great tool with great service!
byivo008, February 5, 2012
NS Translate
Installed it - which was quite easy to do and configuration was easy as well.
It looks nice on the site.
I had one question which was answered within minutes.
byivo008, February 11, 2011
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This was my first RS-Modul I bought and I do not regret a penny - (as with the rest of the RS-moduls).

I am using this extension for 3 different memeberships for my members. Each membership has different functionalities and prices.

+ Setup was easy
+ Configuration is easy as well (and with detailled documentations and a step by step guide) ideal for beginners
+ can be localized via files
+ works together with CCKs like Zoo

But best is the support. All of my questions have been answered within a day!
Another pro is the constant develeopment of each of the module.

From my point of view definetly a five star product!
byivo008, October 26, 2010
I started with the Yoothemes to begin with 2-3 month ago. Templates are handy and addons are just exactly what I was looking for: Clean - rich features - nice addons - high code quality.
With the Addons (YooTools) it was possible and quite easy to create breathtaking websites.
It gives websites the "extra-kick" of clean design, rich features like social media, interaction etc.

After a while a signed up for Zoo to give it a try - and I must say it is an unbelievable framework!
Unbelievable in many ways. More I worked with more I loved it. It saves me tons of time.

Here are just a few pros of Zoo:
++ Structure: Very well structured framework covers almost everything you need to create sophisticated web solutions
++ Support: turn around time in case you have questions, support, problems -> outstanding. Within no time you get really great support
++ Quality: Code of Quality is excellent (W3C Compatibilty, SEO etc)
++ CC: Customer care in case you have recommendations / tips / needs for further release - the guys are listening to what you have to say and yout needs
(like with front end submission that was a missing part in earlier releases and is now part of the framework). And the way it was implemented: you have to love it.
++ Updates (very short cycles) in case of mootools updates / Joomla Update occure - framework is updated as well in no time (important for techies :-).

Three Recommendation in case you sign up for the subscription (and it is definetly worth every penny) i do have for you though:
1. Start with the Yoo Templates first - to understand the Yootools that come with it as well.
2. For Zoo: Make sure you read some of the docs and blogs to fully understand the power of the framework.
3. Definetly install the Solution WITH demo content (and adapt it to your needs) - because otherwise you will have a hard time to
start from scratch - and to make things work.

From my point of view this solution is outstanding and a pleasure to see its developing. Two thumbs up - more if I would have more :-).
No question Yootheme has a bright future - and you better
start now to become an earlier member, because there is no way around it.
Yoo + Zoo is something I do not want to miss in my "web-life" anymore.
Once you understood the framework and its power it puts you on another level of web development.