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J Admin Mobile
First, JAM does NOT feature a full-featured CME; you have to type the code yourself, which I have no problem with at all - but to some people it might be intimidating.

Second, it is GREAT when you need to make a quick edit/addition and for simple articles or quickly put a photo in.

And finally, I MUST say that that the JAM staff is VERY helpful and quick to respond. I had issues running the module on my iPhone (wouldn't connect) and they helped me very fast!

Well worth the money!
Owner's reply

A WYSIWYG editor is our #1 request from users and we hope to address it soon. Be sure to vote on any other suggestions you have on our UserVoice page. Thanks!

Art Sexy Lightbox Lite
Title says it all.

Very CLEAN looking, not completely minimalistic, customizable enough, fast, etc.

The light version is really easy to embed into a Joomla article; just assign the plugin a unigue position, and then put this in the article: {loadposition unique_position} - that's it!

I have been using FlippingBook for the photos section on my website previously, but I like this better.

And even for the non-commercial - Lite version - I received VERY FAST and VERY HELPFUL answers when I started a thread on their forum; big ups!!!