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byj0nnnnn0, March 19, 2007
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JCal Pro
version 1.5.2 seems to have done the trick.
Front-end and back-end event management. Well thought out recurring event management (simpler than Jevents but did the trick for me). And of course we have the lovely looking calendar. Mods work well too- latest events is of course a necessity and easy to setup. I like the way the view categories is setup (my default view).
Clean and efficient.. 5 stars from me.

Looking forward to:
An event registration functionality (integrated to CB of course :-))
byj0nnnnn0, September 18, 2006
So my host won't allow me to have IonCube Loaders installed so I can only run jomres on my local WAMP (works so good)...
But what a nice guy Vince is... Pretty much instant support through his ticketing system. The time limited trial proposed by Vince is also the fairest way to try out quality components and in turn to support commercial products by buying them when 100% (it surely avoids dissapointed customers).