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Google Maps by Reumer
I'm new-ish to joomla and I don't code much.

I used a different google maps component in the past, but it just stopped working with joomla 1.5 - and the support around that product just seemed to cease altogether.

I came across this plug in and I thought at first it would be a little complicated.

I was wrong :)

This is a fantastic plug in - and incredibly easy to use (you just need to spend the 2 or 3 minutes it will take you to read the paragraph on how to install).

I had a small issue which was down to my template (not the plug in) and the plug in's creator mailed me back - on a weekend - literally within the hour.

Best of all, his simple 5 word instruction solved the issue!

This plug in is robust, well designed and looks great. Also very tweakable with all the options in the parameters section!

Many thanks
byj0s3, November 1, 2007
XCloner-Backup and Restore
i was in 2 minds whether to buy this component or use a free one, but these reviews made my mind up (the praise for the excellent support).

i didn't bother with the trial - i just bought it... and it's a fantastic component!

i struggled with the restore because i hadn't read the simple notes properly (and because i'm new at this :)

i raised a ticket and within minutes Ovidiu was there, offering me help all the way, way beyond what is deemed as great support!!!

2 posts later and i was cloning and transferring 2 joomla sites across hosts.

seriously... these posts raving about the unreal support are spot on! this product is worth every penny (cent) WITHOUT the support, but the absolute commitment by the developer(s) to get you up and running is unparalleled!!!!

i highly recommend this company and this component: if you buy anything for your joomla, make it this diamond!