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byjSIXk, October 4, 2011
I've been using an alternative back end file manager for some time when I should have been using this one all along! This will definitely be a part of my standard deployment from now on.
byjSIXk, October 1, 2011
What? Nothing!
I've just spent the last three days banging my head against the issue of having a product configurator on my site with nifty sliders and everything. I was about to the point of just shooting myself and giving it all another go. This extension is exactly what I needed the whole time, and has perhaps even saved my life. The Joomla dev group needs to seriously consider rolling this into the next major release.
byjSIXk, July 14, 2011
support is lacking a bit, but mainly because a lot of the forum posts are in deutsch, so common english search terms often don't yield the results a person might want.

however, the structure of this component and all of the free modules provided by the publisher is simple enough that anyone willing to take the time can have this thing doing back-flips. i've configured joomshopping on my joomla 1.6 site and have been using it successfully to publish a well-styled and search-engine-friendly online catalog. check it out in action here: (some nsfw-ish content)

here's what i most enjoy about this product:

- simple, table based layout for everything. it's easy to get a consistent look and feel by adding a few css overrides.
- outstanding administrator interface: every single thing entered on the back-end provides fields for meta title, description and keyword tags. using this component to sell tangible products, videos, software, *anything* is simple to understand.
- related products works like a charm. i just had to modify the css to get my over-size images to display properly in that tab in the administrator interface.
- the language barrier means that there were typos and grammatical errors out of the tin, but nearly every string this product presents is contained in the language file.
- tons of product variant (attribute) flexibility with the ability to add an image to an attribute.

i had this up and running within minutes and have spend hours tuning it. i love the thing. hands down the single most useful and adaptable joomla extension i've encountered, and i've used dozens of the things extensively.
Video Player FX
I've tried several video players in my search for a video player solution for a site I'm developing in Joomla 1.6. This little player is great. Simple tutorial-driven install had me up and running in three minutes. Unregistered watermark image is relatively unobtrusive. It's VERY customizable. Well done.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your appreciation. We highly recommend you using our latest video player that also supports YouTube and Vimeo videos called YouTube/Vimeo Player from this page: