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byj_weitzel, May 22, 2013
Sexy Polling
For I helped to translate the (Pro-) software into an other language I happened to get a somewhat closer look into the way it is customizable, how itself and how the support works. At the first glance, the UI in the frontend may be a little shiny, at least for middle European eyes. But alone the number of templates and moreover the template editor itself provide a variety of easy to set parameters (in WYSIWG-mode) I seldom saw before. So you can easy and straight forward set up polls (including exportable statistics in outline format) from "happy" colours till "deadly serious".
The support is excellent, very prompt, and the developer does really hear to the customer's problems.
I can recommend this clearly.
byj_weitzel, April 26, 2013
As far as i see, DPCalendar is in deed the mightiest solution at least for my Joomla 2.5 site (but supports also 3.x). I am administering a site with no less than 14 calendars of the societies of our community and until now not a Joomla expert ... And I always prefer commercial solutions, for the money I pay today I spare trouble and waiting for support tomorrow.
"Right out of the box" DPCalendar is a stunning solution, which solves almost all of the every day demands. There are a lot of aspects, which help to customize the software, the UI and the "look and feel". At start I was somewhat irritated about the few setup icons in the admin backend - but the power is hidden under the combination of these menu items, categories, calendar setup and options, the locations and the event database itself. All that is straight forward for the beginner.
But I would lie, if the setting up of the full power of such a mighty solution wouldn't need some knowledge in code editing. It's like driving a large car just out of the store - or tuning a car, which needs knowledge of the engine and the electric. But one doesn't need editing of deeply nested files via ftp in the site, the developer team has pulled out all that code and parameters into dialogues in the backend. That's a great help together with a good online documentation and a professional translated piece of software, too.
The support team is beyond any critique: fast and exhausting answers, patient if there comes not the fast solution.
Superb software, very good support.
byj_weitzel, April 10, 2013
Agora Pro
I'm maintaining a German Joomla! 2.5 website of a small village and just implemented AgoraPro with public and private forums. For sure, dealing with ftp, a CMS, plugins/extensions and so on are not a holiday trip to Disneyland. Reading manuals is better than "trial and error".
Purchase, download and installation of AgoraPro was straight forward and with some minor help I even got set up a rather complicated construction of nested private forums within other town-administrative menu items for registered and authorized citizens.
I can't but state that the support team of jvitals is brilliant.

Great solution, excellent support; and right from the start of our website I am of the opinion, that payed/commercial software solutions are always worthwhile...