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Reviews(5), September 5, 2013
ExtraWatch PRO
Been using ExtraWatch for sometime now on my daugther's social activism site. It is rock solid, easy to install, with excellent support. I am always amazed at the quality and professionalism of the Joomla community.

This extension is a true professional grade solution to tracking and understanding who is visiting your site.

Highly recommended., January 26, 2012
Google Maps by Reumer
This is one easy to use and implement plugin. The surprising part is now much control you have over it and how much it can do and it is FREE. More importantly it actually works.

There was one issue with my Joomla setup and Mike quickly was able to send the patch to have it work. That simple, hard to believe it was possible. I had read the reviews and I have to concur with the rest of his users/fans. He has written clean, workable code that is respectful of the Joomla framework. I tip my hat to Mike and his plugin.

Thanks for developing this piece of code., January 10, 2012
I am constantly amazed at how creative these Joomla developers are. This extension takes our community event site from simple to amazing. The structure of the tool allows the event committee to worry about the event and in doing their daily tasks keeps everyone else informed.

The use of visuals and a workable consistent user interface makes training a breeze and compliance for project updates easy.

I tip my hat to the development team. Very nice product and I am still dumb founded that is free., November 24, 2011
I had a very challenging issue with a client that wanted gift certificates, with paypal, with thank you pages and admin function and, and, and…. As you can see, it was what I believed an impossible solution to build.
Content Builder with its easy connections to breezing forms was the solution. Like some of the reviews, I was the biggest problem with the solution. Crosstec tools exploit the best of what is Joomla. Having said this internals the of Joomla are not for the faint hearted and Markus and his team have been able to abstract those layers to give you an elegant end product without having to know all the black arts of joomla.
I created the form in breezing forms for that gave me structure and the ability to easily get paypal to work. Then I linked the form to the content builder view. The power of the content builder views is the real “show stopper”. Within the content builder “content template” I was able to give a very professional end product with all the consistent site template parameters.
Getting your head wrapped around that you can create data stores dynamically and then have the stored data drive the content is the final link in the chain of connecting the user to content and applications. Datastore are only limited by your imagination. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It will take some experimentation to get it to what you want but once you understand how much control Content Builder has it will allow you to take your site into new dynamic directions.
Like all powerful tools, one should take the time to walk before trying to run or you may get yourself turned around in the wrong direction. That was the mistake I made and I was saved and guided professionally by markus and the crosstec team.
Take your time, learn the structure and then play in the sandbox. Only then will you understand the real power of Content Builder. This is doubly true if you decide to link content builder to their breezing forms tool.
A great product and a Joomla site game changer. My lessons were hard learned but once learned easy to exploit., September 13, 2011
I am a big believer in Joomla and its community. I have started from newbie and I am getting a little better each day. Markus and the team at Breezing have made me convinced I have chosen the correct product and vendor for my client.

This module is a must have for anyone who needs the flexibility but not the complexity of programming.

The installation had a little bump due to the site configuration and the support team was more than patient with me and chose to "educate as they communicated". I now know more and I am also able to do more.

The video tutorials have been a blessing and the user forum has been a great help.

The product is very well supported and it has a rich set of features that work out of the box. No need to mess around with tweaking it for it takes all the major problems and masks them with easy to follow templates and functions.

I tip my hat to the designer, developers and support team at breezing forms.

I great investment for me and ultimately my client.