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byjackbat, July 19, 2013
When first installed everything seem to go fairly well, however we noticed an serious inconsistency with the synchronizing of data from Google. Sometimes events would show up in lists and not in calendars and you never knew when the event would show up. We saw in their help that eliminating the cache time would speed up the process but cause performance issues. We tried doing that and we ended up getting this spinning wheel that never gave us a calendar. When we disabled the plugin for google, we got an empty calendar, however re-enabling it got us back to a spinning wheel.
We asked for support and were told that they needed access to the private area of the site. We were hoping for a few helpful suggestions before we got to the point where we were giving out passwords for that.

Before we gave out a password for the private site area, we decided to uninstall it and re_install it. When we uninstalled the component, the site crashed. We had no access to the backend or the frontend, but it did throw an error message pointing to the fact that the uninstall was unclean and left remnants that was causing joomla to crash.
We had to open the database in PHP myadmin and find the remnants and disable them manually. Once we did that we were able to get to the admin side of joomla again. When we logged in, joomla saw that there was a bad un-install, pointed to faulty manifests from the component and cleaned itself up. (hurray for joomla). After all this we were able to get the front end back up and running.

Obviously we have decided to NOT re-install this software. Money Not Well Spent!
Owner's reply

Sad to her that it went so wrong. Normally people are more than happy when we offer to fix the problem on their site directly to speed up the solving process.
We have a 30 day money back guarantee, to bad you didn't request refund it you are unhappy with DPCalendar.

byjackbat, December 21, 2011
Core Design Magic Tabs
This developer Offers their free Plugin which they go as far as allowing you to demo, download and install. Once installed it tells you to go back to their site because you need another plugin to make it work.
This new plugin however is not free and need to pay for it before you can make the free plugin work.
Hardly a free plugin.
This is a very deceptive practice and I sincerely hope this does not become a common practice as it simply clutters up the back-end unnecessarily installed objects.
Owner's reply

Core Design Magic Tabs plugin is absolute free extension the same way as the second one - Core Design Scriptegrator plugin. You don't need to pay anything.
Thank you.

I love the concept of this component and in fact went as far as to set up almost a complete store but there were a couple of things that would keep any serious etailer from using this. There is no integration with site login so you cannot set up customer accounts and develop any kind of relationships. If you are going to use this you would have to write code to get it to link to your user database. As many of us are using CB for logins, this software would bennifit greatly from CB integration.
Second, from an administation point of view, there is basically no reporting so you would have to write a lot of code for that.
That being said, the programmer was really onto something here. What is done is elegant, simple and it works fine. I would say it is about half way there to being a prefered shopping cart and I would have happily paid for this as it leverages the core of joomla which gives you the flexibility of using a great many addons.
lastly (and this is important !!!!), if you do install it on your site, beware when you go to uninstall. When I uninstalled the component it brought my site to the ground. For about 20 seconds I was horrified untill I gathered myself and reinstalled the software. What I noticed was it does not uninstall the plugins or modules so when you uninstall the component it still makes calls to includes that no longer exist. You need to unistall the plugins and modules first then you can safely uninstall the component.

Bottom line is this. I ran a software company for a number of years and this guy has talent. But this is a project that simply was not finished.
Owner's reply

For bringing your site to the ground... It seems to me that when you install a package using a component + plugins + modules and you remove the core component (first) the other parts will somehow complain. That is not so much a problem of SimpleCaddy as well as knowing what you uninstall.

Customer management is what makes components like this heavy and cumbersome for most people. SimpleCaddy does not have this, although code is commented in the source as to how to use Joomla user information as well as CB information. As for reporting, yes, there is very little. However, since the creation of the project I have had only a handful requests for more than is currently in the program. Any reporting is fairly easily addable.

On the other hand, I haven't seen you, or at least your login here, in the forum asking for any advice or extra functionality, am I wrong? I would have thought that the forum would have been your first stop before posting here.

byjackbat, September 23, 2010
It pains me to do this. I have been trying for weeks to come up with a minimal blogging solution for my members which took advantage of Joomla core but had some access control for images, image folders and editing. Thought I was close with this plugin. Worked for a bit however with further testing I got this error.
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2304 bytes) in /home3/domain/public_html/plugins/content/jsmallfib.php on line 3107
I can usually work through issues like this but there is no forum, minimal documentation and no obvious way to contact the developer.
It's free so you take your chances, programming was obviously well thought out and this is a needed access control for Joomla.
With literally no support, this plugin is a bad idea for a production site.
Owner's reply

People normally get support from the 'Contact' link on the website. Please do that, I'm sure we'll get your problem fixed. However you are very right about the lack of documentation, so now there's a completely new WIKI - see link above on Documentation - which includes full installation instructions and a tutorial with all available functionality.