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Cache Cleaner
Brilliant, just awesome.

Ajax cleaning in backend, even from within an article is GREAT, and there's the brilliant frontend cleaning option, which can be done by anyone who has the secret URL.

Excellently thought out, thank you!
byjackbremer, May 25, 2009
Disqus Comments
Needs this patch applied before you start playing:
Owner's reply

We've released v2.0 fully integrating Disqus features as well as new options for Joomla!. Enjoy!

byjackbremer, May 30, 2008
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Mini FrontPage
This is gorgeous. I liked that the PHP and CSS are written simply, and commented nicely - was easy enough to make thumbnails right-aligned, and change the CSS so the UL's were less indented. I think the thumbnail align should be a module option in the backend, but hey-ho!

One problem I found, which REALLY impacted the implementation time, was HTML coding - any text that was bold or italic completely screwed up this module, and it would only show intro text after that text. Other problem, is the bold or italic text breaks the thumbnail!

Overall, an easy-enough to customise, functional module that adds eye candy to your site, in a usable way...

Bear in mind that it picks the thumb from your LAST image in the main text. To change to Intro text images, read hte support forum!
byjackbremer, December 7, 2007
Well, it let me split my menus, and in doing so manage my entire site through just mainmenu, which is a joy!

Now, the menu on the left of my site (Extended Menu, showing mainmenu) shows up the children of the parent link at the top of the site (regular Joomla mainmenu).

You just set it to use split menus, and start at child level 1, not go further than level 1, and only show the children of a particular parent (works by name, and is case sensitive, so remember that if you change the parent menu item names!).

I do then have to go into modules and tell it to only show each Ext Menu on the corresponding page - this is a pain if you are often adding content.

I would LOVE a menu system that automatically picked up the children to show in a split menu depending on which parent item was chosen on another menu... possible? Might be with this if I look hard enough!

Thanks for the hard work!
byjackbremer, October 4, 2007
DPCalendar Lite
Well, it works, eventually!

My first goof was to put an apostrophe in the title of the calendar within the component - this will NOT work with apostrophes in the calendar name!

Once I'd found the right HTML (Google Calendar was having a slow moment, so I had to figure it out manually), and put it all in I eventually got the calendar showing up.

A limitation of Google Calendar (not the component) is that it will only show a month's events in agenda view by default - a pain if you are trying to show school term dates for example - you want everything showing up!

Clicking an event in this opens a new window to give you more info, direct inside Google Calendar - a bit clunky IMHO.

I ended up resorting to using this component, linking on the menu to a blank static content item, and publishing the upcoming GCalendar events module in the inset position. The problem with the module is horrible date formatting (and an overly techy process of changing it), and the date being on a separate line form the event name (might look OK when I have some more events in there though).

Overall, it works, but don't expect to have it perfect in 5 minutes!
byjackbremer, December 12, 2006
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Fantastic, hats off to the developers!
This is a fully featured professional-standard ecommerce solution IMHO.
Only thing I had trouble getting my head around is the taxes, virtual tax, displaying and discounting tax, but if you read hte forums there are work-arounds and explanations.
the installation manual is probably the best I have ever read - SO clear and easy to follow - you won't have any problems installing VM if you follow the simple instructions - they don't assume any particularly technical knowledge.
Creating products and building the shop was a pleasure, and the range of modules which are included is fantastic, although the modules' layouts are pretty tacky-looking. I WISH this component relied more on CSS rather than the inline styling - we should be able to easily choose product title font sizes etc.
It is also not clear how to test the whole system from the outset - example dummy data would be helpful, and somewhere to point and test the payment methods would be appreciated. I for one have no ide how we are supposed to use the PayPal IPN testing page :S
I am generally VERY IMPRESSED and I look forward to this just getting better and better! My clients are going to LOVE it!
Google Maps by Reumer
Well this is SUPER easy to use - I LOVE the way you can set global parameters for your site, and then choose specific paramters for each instance of the maps, which overrides the global settings - very cool.
I wish I could use this on the contacts page - seems a logical place to put it!
I wonder if some clever person can integrate driving instructions, linking to a google page?
Many thanks, looking forward to being able to use on contacts page.
byjackbremer, December 5, 2006
db8 Site Last Modified
Well, this is awesome - it does exactly what I was looking for, and is very configurable using the date formats I found here (just omit the ' and ' at start and end):
Shame you cannot remove completely the text before the date - seeing as any module can display the title it would be nice to have the option to *only* show the date in the module, and use the title to describe that this is the last modified date.
Thanks though for a great, and useful module.
Owner's reply

Version 2, for Joomla 1.5 native, has just been released. In that version you can completely remove the text before & after the date.