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byjacklreg, November 6, 2011
I don't know which or what issue the guy below asked sh404sef forum for support that he said "Excellent Support", maybe something simple that they can quickly fix. But try something that their support team cannot answer, they will stop communicating with you after few exchange in the forum. I am very much frustrated with this guys, they will not go out of their way to make their customer happy or help clients to fix issues. I don't usually post reviews but unfortunately I now have numbers of website with sh404sef installed.
Owner's reply


As you can see, and though support is free of charge, it's not only the "guy below" but all "guys" on this page that seems pretty happy with support.
A post can slip through, and as I don't have any information on your username on the forum, or what your problem was, I can only encourage you to get back to the forum and post again.