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byjackrabbit, November 1, 2009
The Pros
This is nice once the images have been reduced and published. The modules (especially joomimg)are great for teaser display throughout the site and the plugin to in include a gallery image into articles is very useful.

The 'Motion Gallery' beats CPG (Coppermine Photo Gallery) static thumbs. Modal window for detailed image view is to die for. The comment system, BBcode share system, Image rating and image details are just perfect.

The admin... ideal! Well explained (for those who read) and easily tweaked to suit.

Styling is quite simple too (of course with knowledge of)

The Cons
Unlike CPG, when using FTP upload I expected to be able to FTP large image files to the server then Joom Gallery in combo with ImageMagick or GD2 would resize the images as set in config. Not so! A file at 2mb could not be processed and even with debug on I never got a clear msg of what the problem was. CPG processes any file size once it is on the server. I expect and error when using php upload if php.ini is set to 2mb but FTP should not have this issue. Atleast it doesn't with CPG. Also when I uncheck 'Delete pictures after upload?', Joomgal still deletes the originals.

The category system should be labeled 'Galleries' or 'Albums'. I take pix weekly at events and need to label each week and venue. With CPG I had category then Albums in categories. With JoomGal its just unending categories. I suppose I could just change the label. So no big deal.

The 'Motion Gallery' while a great function, is uncontrollable. No means in admin of speed adjustment. While one is trying to move to another image the thing just runs the list and it's like playing a video game to catch the image you want. This means then digging in and editing the javascript that executes the action.

But overall I likes. Great job!