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byjacks88, April 21, 2013
Creative Contact Form
This is a very, very attractive form, has good options and it seems to function as it should in testing. I have two slight question marks. One is that the Successfully Sent message uses the same css as the pre-form text, so it is easy to miss. If it used separate system message css, we could style it to be more visible. The second question mark is that it uses Joomla's session token for spam prevention and does not have any explicit captcha. Most captchas are not that hard to get around, anyway, so we'll see. Overall, though, so far I love this component, especially since there are limited captcha addons for Joomla 3.0.
byjacks88, March 18, 2013
I'm one of those who has installed hundreds of extensions, but seldom takes the time to publicly praise or damn.
I tried two other contact-with-upload capability extensions before this one and wish I had come to aiContact first. The functionality is superior and the service is excellent. I had an issue that had nothing to do with the extension. My template was loading a script that caused a conflict. In no time I was given a revised version of the extension that solved the problem. And this is a free extension - or at least it was until I voluntarily donated. I did so after this was resolved because I felt a little guilty having a better experience than with some paid extensions. Well worth it.