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byjackynetwork, July 12, 2013
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
This it the best Captcha plugin i found in the joomla world,Everyone should have it to keep your joomla site stay higher level of security,just a month ago,my old site were hacked,malware installed ,so many trouble to me last month, and today,we have to pay more attention to site security !

for the Captcha plugin, in fact,i do not like to display an image,this plugin bring a best option,can display for example: 3+7=10,this is what we want,very simple and nice looking !

i were met a problem when install this plugin to my new site,the problem because it's not compatible with my new template,i have join a support
plan,the owner give me a great support,and solution my problem quickly,i'm so happy to work with him,Vitja,you are my hero !

Although this plugin is free to use,but if you also meet some problem,i suggest you do not hesitate to pay some money to the owner, this is my experience,i'm sure,you will stay in happy too :)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review. I wish you success and no spam with ECC+!

byjackynetwork, November 30, 2011
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VM Affiliate
Before I bought VMA,actually I have spent to other affiliate system,I have to make a new try to purchase VMA because this system can bring me more function which I really can show a single refer link,also can display each "product" with an affiliate link automatically,smooth and looking professional.

I have met some bugs after install it,although it take about 1 month to fix my problem,but I still say they offer a great products and excellent service.thank you admin,I high recommend here every VM users you should use this affiliate system !