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byjadefoxx, July 7, 2012
Hi, great extension! Just one thing, I am also experiencing w3c errors due to the attributes being unrecognized by my xhtml 1.0 doctype. Any way to get round that? I can provide you the link if that would help. Thanks!
byjadefoxx, January 21, 2011
The product itself is great, it is easy to configure and user-friendly, but what really set these guys apart is the quality of their support. As I'm quite new to Joomla, I find the level of support for an extension to be one the biggest factors in deciding whether or not to use it, and the Hikashop crew get 5 stars. I used it for a coin shop and I've had no problems except for a temporary glitch, which, with the help of the forum moderator, was solved within an hour. Truly fantastic!
byjadefoxx, January 17, 2011
Images Crawler
Hi, after searching for hours and trying at least 5 other extensions, this one finally seems to be doing the job. The only drawback is the inability to add a title and description to the images. I would strongly suggest this as a major improvement to an already fantastic module. Thanks guys!