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byjaden, June 8, 2014
Had anther Appointment extension that was good, but did not go that extra mile. Purplebeanie's PBBooking ticks all the box's. I have a Dr who only wants two weeks of the year to hold appontments, I was able to block out all the unavailable days. Each day you can set up for any time increment. Emails are sent as confirmation, and my favorite which MOST other extensions do not do, easily, is to send my non computer savy client a pdf of the form filled out! Not all clients know what to do with csv files. Quick response from support to set up some out-of-the-box settings, no problems and great help. This extension does so much more and is the best appointment schedule extension out there.
byjaden, June 2, 2014
I used another cough, cough, form module, looked nice but needed to much coding to get a final emailed format I required. Breezing forms is great, so much control. Markus has been a great help. I have tried other top rated Form builders and can highly recommend this to anyone wanting to build client based online forms for their Joomla site. The documentation is spectacular as well as the video's. What more would you want?
byjaden, May 28, 2014
Appointment Book Manager
I looked at many appointment Schedule extensions and kept coming back to Appointment Book. It did most of what my client wanted. I asked support if they could change a few 'out of software' changes and Raul did the modifications quite quickly. So impressed that I took advantage of an offer and brought a lifetime access to all joomlaxtc's which was at a very good price.
Thanks Raul for changing the software, hopefully with a few more admin control changes this appointment book will blow the rest out of the water.
byjaden, December 30, 2013
Highly recommend this extension. Works out of the box and is very customizable. Thanks for a great bit of software.
byjaden, July 25, 2013
Global News
I agree, 7+ stars. This is a brilliant module. Congratulations on fine work.
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byjaden, May 22, 2013
RSform Pro
This has to be at the top of my favorites in extensions! After my first form (446 lines long), it was easy to publish. Very good help files and very easy to understand. You can customize the code if need be as well. Hopefully the folks at RSJoomla will keep on improving on this great program. Well worth every penny. Thanks
byjaden, April 30, 2013
JEXTN Testimonial
After trawling through a few testimonial extensions, JE Testimonials looked quite nice. I brought it and installed it. At this time I had also upgraded to the latest Joomla and had a few issues. Sam at JE Testimonials replied to my issues very quickly (do they sleep over there?) and got it working, I had to edit a php as well, within a day they had an upgrade to their software and it was a simple install in admin and no other editing! Quite simple and quite nice. I have no problems in recommending this extension to anyone who would like a nice looking and easy to edit testimonial extension. Good work.
Smart Flash Header
This is the second time I have renewed this extension from 2011, I have a few extensions from ProJoom and they all work with no issues. Keep up the great work.
byjaden, April 17, 2013
XCloner-Backup and Restore
I used Akeeba from many years, this backs up and restores (have not tried yet). First click of a button had it backing up, so easy. Thanks for the software. Well done.
byjaden, November 5, 2011
I have installed and paid for a few simple gallery extensions but SIGE has snagged it. Thanks for a great pices of software, so easy and looks great. I will make sure I donate to help you develop this further. Not that it needs much more. Great work and thanks.
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Thank you for the review and donation!

byjaden, October 26, 2011
Simple Picture Slideshow
Great extension. read the install document on the web page. Well worth the effort. Using on 1.7.2 with Atristeer no issues.
byjaden, May 14, 2011
Newsscroller Self DHTML
I was searching for a simple front page news scroller and stummbled across Newsscroller Self DHTML. These guys have jumped the gun and got their extension out for 1.6 and it works very easy. Not knowing german you can workout yes and no! I would recommend this as a simple and very customable text scroller. Thanks for a great extension.
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Thank you very much for your review!

byjaden, November 9, 2009
A bit of fiddling around but very easy to install. Would be good to not have to turn Legacy on but hey, he's written a mighty fine extension for free so thanks.