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THe app itself is very easy to use and it comes indeed pre-integrated with many other joomla extensions (such as K2, MijoShop) and many others that allows you to custom-built your sitemap with the content you choose.

It also allows you to manually edit SQL code (if you want, it's not necessary) in order to achieve the results you want.

I contacted John (support) for something that I wanted to achieve that he software didn't yet do and John was super helpful and even sent me an updated PHP file to replace in order to achieve what I wanted my sitemap to do. It's now perfect!!!

The support is suppert and I highly recommend this.

Thanks John!

Jaime Nacach
Founder and Marketing Strategist
NS Font Awesome
Rather than installing Font Awesome manually, I just installed this app in less than a minute and was then able to add my CSS code to reference the Font Awesome icons.

It's a great plugin, does what it's supposed to do. Love it.

Checkout the full list of icons to use here at

Thanks a lot!
byjaimenacach, September 4, 2013
SJ Facebook
I wanted to simply type in my facebook URL so that the module would show up my X number of last posts with some sort of link to the posts on Facebook itself. But my feed never showed up in the module...

Not as simple to use, and directions online although clear, don't seem to provide enough example for the type of different facebook feeds that exist.
byjaimenacach, August 21, 2011
K2 For JCE Advanced Link
It's a simple but very efficient JCE extensions for Joomla 1.5 KA Component in order to easily link to internal K2 Items (Articles) from within the HTML/WYSIWYG JCE Item creation.

This was just what I was looking for! Thanks a lot