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byjaimwa, September 15, 2012
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AL Facebook Comments Box
It's great to make a free extension and it looks like a good one but it's not so great to include a spammy link back to your website - Web Design Brisbane. Especially as the link is in white text. Learn SEO.

Poor show.
Owner's reply

If you were a little intelligent and investigate a bi more you will know most free extensions have a backlink (NOT SPAM) to the owner's site, there is also a setting in my plugin where you can turn this link off. As for the LIE about white text you should LEARN css as your site must have a poorly developed code breaking links making them white, not the plugin, a more common sense person would contact me before and I would help, but surely you are not this kind of person when you are just opening an account to make such an unfair comment and vote.

byjaimwa, November 30, 2010
VirtueMart Quick Summary
Simple to buy, simple to install. Good instructions and great support.

I submitted a ticket to see how to change the layout of the module to fit in a square box. Dan replied straight away, I gave him my login details and he did it for me within 10 minutes.

You can't ask for better than that!