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byjajsuscrip, May 6, 2013
RAXO All-mode K2
I am an old and fan customer of Raxo Modules! I am not developper, it is not my job but my hobby is construct webs for free to my friends or for supporting causes for a better world :-). So, when setting up a site, I try to do it most beautiful I can:It's my hobby. I use only a fetiche components, templates, modules and plugins, the best for me. Displaying news, Raxo is the number one for me. Simply, effective and with professional results. Easy code for adapt CSS and without Jquery Conflicts.

In addition, I can choose the template more convenient for the site in construction.

Important tips:
- I can choose the categoris I want, one or more.
- I can choose the items, or exclude its.
- If an item haven't image in k2, I can choose between no image, standard image, or the first found in the item.
- I can use, without conflicts, the same module all times I decide in the same page, so, I can stylish the news as I like.
- I can display top items and normal items in diferent way in the same module.

- And a lot of parameters for configure exacty as I want each Raxo module.

The best for me ...

The Raxo module for K2, lets me decide wich image shows
byjajsuscrip, September 26, 2011
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QuickList Weblinks
Really, fantastic. This module, not only links to desired webs also it is capable of generate thumbs of the webs. The look is very nice. I had a small problem due I am novice, and joel, inmediately support me helping and writting personally to answer my novice questions. Works perfectly in joomla 1.7.
byjajsuscrip, September 14, 2011
Contact Enhanced Component
Great extension, working perfectly in joomla 1.5 and 1.7.

I like very much this extension because it is one of the easier I have found, and at same time highly customizable.

But the best, the support. Solved all my doubts in seconds (more or less in 5 minutes) and I have it working as I wish 2 minutes after installed it.

Very nice the desing, and working perfectly in my sites.
byjajsuscrip, February 10, 2011
xForms Display Records
Very useful, used toghether breezing forms, because let us made a report from breezing form database forms and incluide it in the site, for example, in my case, for displaying a list of people who have filled the form.

My surprise was the wonderful support received. I asked for the possibility of incluiding the result of the view into the items, and, Markus, the developper, answered this question creating a plugin to do it and more, thats will be available in 2 days. More than I asked in my question. Highly impressed with the possiilities breezing form+xform records.
byjajsuscrip, February 2, 2011
Breezing forms it's an excellent extension. Very easy to use in quickmode, and with an high potential for experienced users and programmers, bucause it lets to insert scripts and php code into the form, so, the forms can be personalized as your imagination and knowledgements lets ... Also at the begining I have several problems because I was a beginner in joomla ... The staff helped and guided me with the problems.