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byjakebls, April 19, 2011
Change Administrator
Just found that over the last week i've had quite a few people attempting to login to the back end of one of my sites. ChangeAdmin virtually changes the name of your /administrator page, so unless you know the name of the folder, you don't have access to the back end. Easy to install and setup too. Just install, choose the new /administrator folder name, logout, and log back in! Simple, but effective at keeping the undesirables out of your site! Sometimes simple security is the best solution. Kudos to the developer.
byjakebls, December 3, 2009
Thinkery Work Force
I've been using a similar component (staffmaster) for a little over a year now, and have fought through it's shortcomings. Now here comes Work Force which, at first glance, looks very promising.

Workforce has a nice clean frontend interface, and individual contact forms for each employee. Each employee has his/her own bio,photo, phone number, fax number, address, email etc. The backend (admin) side of things is nice and clean too. Mostly self explanitory, very easy to navigate, understand and configure. However, this simplicity is a bit of a shortcoming too.

Once setup, you can only choose to display either a single department, a single employee, or the entire staff. Selecting the entire staff is where Work Force falls short. There is no easy way to arrange, the departments or employees in any kind of heirarchy. For example. If you would like to put your companies administration team at the top of the page, with the President first, followed by the Vice-presidents, etc... it can not be done.

There is a brief post on their forums about arranging the departments/employees to your liking, which states is not that difficult if you understand Joomla and php. I'm sure that it could be done fairly easily, but not by me.

Overall Work Force has some strong potential, and may work out of the box for some people. I hope that development continues and more flexibility becomes available. A good job out of the gate for Thinkery, I'm looking forward to future releases though.
Owner's reply

Hi Jakebls--

Thanks for your review. Sorry you found it confusing to arrange the order of your employees.

However, you certainly can arrange the order of employees as you like. Basically employees of a given department appear in the admin exactly like any normal Joomla objects (menu items, articles etc.)-- just use the arrows or the ordering numbers for a given employee to assign their place within the department list.

The post on the forum you're referring to relates to putting multiple departments on a singe page, which does take a modification to the PHP file and will be improved in future releases.


byjakebls, April 25, 2009
Chronoforms has saved me untold amounts of work creating forms, connecting form-mailers, and databases. It is so easy to use out of the box, and is well documented with easy to use advanced functions. If you need forms, you need ChronoForms!
byjakebls, March 3, 2009
This is one of the best and cleanest Testimonials components I've seen for Joomla. It installed without a hitch, and was very simple to configure. However a dedicated css file would be great to help style the output, and a captcha system to help prevent spam would be very welcomed too.
Great Job.
Owner's reply

We will add Captcha, Multilingual Concept and Design Management in our next version of this component. Please wait, it is coming soon.

byjakebls, February 23, 2009
DT Register
The guys at DTH Development hit a home run here! This extension is outstanding! Easy to install, easy to use, and had me up and running in no time at all. If you need to take online registrations for anything, This is Your Extension!

Thanks DTH!
byjakebls, September 8, 2008
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Even though this component is still in the beta phase, it is still far superior to most of the other galleries out there. I've tried just about all of them. While some of them lack the frontend functionality, others lack the ease of use and finesse that JoomGallery has.The frontend screams professional, with its slick look and clean interface.
Uploading photos, and creating galleries (categories) couldn't be easier! I've been using the latest beta for about 30 days and haven't hit any snags yet!

Keep up the excellent work guy!
byjakebls, December 21, 2007
JCK Editor
FCK editor is a wonderful wysiwyg editor, but it still lacks some of the key features that JCE has. There isn't a file manager system, and there doesn't seem to be a plugin system to add additional features. Now FCK looks nice and clean, and works very well. In the short time that I used it, I didn't find a way to remove/rearrange the buttons on the toolbars.

An very good editor, however I think that its biggest downfall is the lack of a File Manager for files other than .swf.
byjakebls, December 11, 2007
Popin Window
This little bot does a wonderful job with the popin window. It is very easy to install/setup and pasting in your html for the popin window is a no-brainer. It has parameters for the size, and position of the window, color of the header text and bar, and font size. So, a little tweaking is necessary to meke it look exactly how you want, but it is quite simple. A 5 minute job.

The only suggestion that I would like to see implemented would be a close link in the window. But, all around this is an excellent plugin!