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byjakeknight, June 21, 2012
Email Beautifier
I don't typically review a component immediately after installing it but this one is so simple, I had to.

I basically spent far too many hours trying to hack a workflow.php file in my RichContactPro component. All I needed was an improved HTML layout for all of my outbound emails.

After installation, it gives you two configuration links: 1 is the plugin to enable it, and the second is the WYSIWYG editor for you to design your template.

A couple of things to note:
1. It works with any template that uses the default Joomla email system, which is way more components than the developer listed on the site.

2. You can't change the content of your emails that the component generates. For example, my components sned an email that says "Thanks for filling out our form." That verbiage of is up your component, not this one. You can add text above and below it, but don't expect to be fine tuning component emails here. It was never built for that, nor will it be.

Fantastic for the price.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review ! We do have a plugin trigger if you are a dev & want to do some intelligent Find & Replace :)

byjakeknight, June 21, 2011
Joom Donation
This thing could easily be worth $100 per site. The price is a steal.

I had one issue that was more a client request than a fault in the component, and the developer worked with me directly to fix the problem. This included support ticket, forum and skype use.

It now works perfectly.

This thing has so many features we haven't even enabled yet. We are currently using this on several major non-profit groups for online donations.
byjakeknight, January 5, 2011
DT Register
I was in desperate need of an event registration system that would allow me to set up various types registrations for some, but not all events posted on a calendar.

The relationship between JEvents and DT Register gave me just that, in a highly integrated yet very separate interface. (NOTE: 2.7 no longer requires JEvents, but it's what I need.)

When my needs became far more complex and I began to require complex pricing options for groups and individuals, I turned to the new 2.7 version with outstanding success as the Extra Fields revamp allows Change Fee fields.

PROS: Complexity and Flexibility. And amazing Support Ticket system. I got a response at MIDNIGHT ON NEW YEARS EVE!!! Two days later they fixed a bug in my install.

CONS: Complexity. This is tricky to explain to a client. 1. You can set up variable fees in the fields but the fee format is x|x|x|y, where x and y's are fees for different options. It's VERY complex, but must be for it's power. 2. Having to categorize events twice - once in JEvents and once in DT Register, why not sync?

5 Stars.
byjakeknight, October 15, 2009
VMUpload - virtuemart upload component
I was really in a bind with lack of Virtuemart's ability to upload custom files and photos to a site. This extension provided the much needed functionality and works very well. The developer is easy to reach and always willing to answer and supporting questions I have. Great Component without having to worry about hacks!!!