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Social Sharing
This really is a great addon for Joomla, it lets you give your users the option of using a variety of Social networks to act as a hub so they can log into your site. Many extensions in the JED ..even the JED's own social login extension only lets you login using Facebook.

This does it all, I have added FB, Twit and Google to my site and it works even adds the user to the Joomla tables properly.


1. its a little confusing on the setup at first...but with a little reading and clicking you'll figure out how to add the app ids and api keys to your account...which is not on your site but stored on the account you create on their (loginradius) website.

2. There is no way to adjust padding or the style of the login module as it is pulled into an iframe from another source. You can buy other icon sets from them but they bill you monthly for an icon set...its not worth it, I understand why they do this is because they are hosting the script that generates the code to input into your iframe....great idea..but I dont need a 1 dollar a month bill just to get icons. I'll use the free ones.

3. as I mentioned above, there is no way to style the module at all, no class suffix ability so unless your site is white or grey, there will always be a display issue. You cant align the icons to the left/right or adjust them in any way.

you can however add a line of text above or below them, but the padding is HUGE and again there is no way to adjust.

4. There are login demos and buttons shown on the front page of their site that are not available for Joomla. They look slick with popups and overlays, but its not something designed for joomla, you can get additional icon sets or icon layouts but they cost between $1 and $2 a month. There is only one module layout and 3 icon sizes for Joomla.

5. no forum for support

6. no way to remove advertising tagline

7. The joomla login form doesn't have the ability to turn off lost user/pass or "create account" so in most cases it cannot be used in conjunction with any 3rd party user registration system since the "create account" link points directly to joomlas core registration

8. The Joomla login form provided doesn't use the styling of your joomla site, so it doesn't match.

9. No premium account to buy to gain everything in one package and remove advertising.

Due to these reasons above it makes the module difficult to reliably and seamlessly integrate into a live production site that has any custom styling to it at all.

The package works and works well, but lacks the flexibility to make visual design changes to create a smooth interface.
byjakobe75, February 3, 2012
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This is a great and easy to use commenting system..the way it should be

I want to rate the component so much higher...but many sites are just absolutely crippled without this functioning properly on the latest version of Joomla.


Without a functional commenting system my users read and leave...traffic is dropping on our new Joomla 1.7/2.5 installs.

I dont want to abandon a component I use and LOVE on many sites but what can be done? I dont want to put off upgrading any longer.

Please release the a version compatible with the latest Joomla versions
byjakobe75, January 25, 2012
Global News
We were using the old JaNews front page module before and it became a security risk. So we needed a replacement fast!

I wish we had found Global News sooner. It is a very customizable and easy to use module. Runs fast and stable, never an issue with this module but unfortunately its only for Joomla 1.5

Joomla 2.5 is now released and 1.7 has been stable for months now.

byjakobe75, January 18, 2012
JXTC Maplink US Edition
This is a great map with lots of features and very easy to use..we use it for Community Builder lists.

but it is flash based and will not work on the ipad and is choppy/buggy on most android devices because Android due to improper use of hardware acceleration properly even in ICS.

Would love to see a non flash version in the near future.

but If flash doesnt bother you or your users dont visit your site from tablets or mobile devices...then it will work perfectly!
byjakobe75, January 11, 2012
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s4j Profile Status Indicator
This module is very useful because it encourages users to fill out their profiles.

We run a makeshift contest that tells users that if they get their profile to 100% completeness they get a discount code or some other special offer.

then the module will just disappear on its own after all the fields are satisfied.

Once a user fills out out all of their data we capture it for our main company database and use it to update all of their listings in our magazines, and other databases.

The module can be configured to show only on the profile edit page for privacy and can include almost every CB field that you want a user to fill out.

You can even customize the color and bar increment size to match your site.
byjakobe75, January 11, 2012
s4j Random Profiles
This and the other s4j addons for Community Builder are great addons.

Random Profile can be configured and set to filter by custom CB fields and lets you display "Featured Users" based on certain fields containing certain values that you determine.

For example: If you are using CBsubs and want to feature the users who pay in a nifty VIP module...then you create a text field that turns from 0 to 1 upon payment completion. (this is done in cbsubs)

Then you set the RandomProfile module to filter all users who's field contains the 1...then it shows only those users.

You can do this for States, Paid users, user categories..almost anything!

You can adjust how the images are displayed, their size as well as any other custom data like username.

It's really quite useful.
byjakobe75, September 7, 2010
I am using csscompress
J 1.5.20
CB 1.2.3

nothing crazy on my sites

ScriptsDown is enabled and loading last in the plugin order.

I get double pages too.

cant use unless this is fixed.

great idea, but it doesn't work.

and I dont know enough about REGEX expressions to manually filter.

please fix
Owner's reply

Double page issues have been resolved. Please try the latest version.

byjakobe75, September 2, 2010
Pro Sticky Message
I was looking for a popup component that would let me create popups on various pages to act as a "guide" for new users. and to help our Beta testers find their way around the site.

Purchasing went extremly fast and smooth, I recvd. my product almost instantly.

I was not crazy about the downloader component that you have to install to actually download the product..but It posed no problems for me and went quite smooth.

developers have to have a way to manage their products. This should be expected of most newer and better addons...however, Joomla should be the one who provides the engine for the developers top protect their work.

If you have many components on your site like I do, then you will end up having a half dozen component license managers as well..If Joomla did it internally then we would just have one.

Install of the com / mod went fine, I did run into an issue with my css not wanting to play nicely with the popup, I was very disappointed considering I just bought it and it did not seem to work. Plus I am on a super tight deadline, I dint have time to search and configure another popup.

So I contacted the developer by email and received a fix within 15 minutes.
It was roughly 7pm eastern time. and they responded extremely fast with a flawless solution to my problem.

an hour later I ran into another snag with some custom html code and again I emailed them...and again they responded wihtin 10 minutes with an accurate solution.

This is a very handy and well thought out module, it can be used for a variety of things and is highly customizable and even includes about 12 different templates to positively match your site, or you can load their default css and modify it to match even closer.

Dont waste your time searching the JED for something better, I tried them all and this is what you want!

I highly recommend ProJoom, if we were in prison together, I would protect them.
Deluxe News Pro
This was my most disappointing purchase yet.

The demos look great and function well.
and I am sure the module would to the same thing on my site if I had several hours of patience to configure it.

The problem is that You cannot simply select the style / color and layout you want.
and then Presto a nice News module!

no, you have to code each module on your own, They just give you the integrated ability to add animations and select the category/section.

Everything else has to be custom code to match your site.
every little aspect of the module needs to be configured. Which is great for really advanced users but impractical for regualr joomla users.

so if you want a quick and easy to use module to display news slides, and you are not a CSS expert..then DO NOT BUY.

I would considered my level of CSS knowledge to be a 6 on a scale of 1-10 and I had many difficulties with this module and alsoi the compatibility of this module and my template.

I want a customizable news slider, this was described as that but entirely too difficult to get working.

had screen shots of the admin section been displayed I would have not purchased this.

It does say on their site that this is for moderate to advanced css users, but it doesnt mention that this is a complete do it yourself module.

I knew wihtin 15 minutes that there is no way my users could ever figure this out to modify it easily on their own.

Which is too bad because other products from JoomlaXTC perform well.
Owner's reply

Did you notice that we have added CORE templates to the module where you can select a predesigned layout just like the demos or select custom?

We never got a support ticket from you about your issue.

CB Advanced Search
This is a CB search Component that actually works!

It is so simple, you select the fields you want to search in the com backend, then create a menu item to the search component.

those fields appear along with a keyword field.
enter in your search criteria and click search!

results show!

AND....results show AVATAR!, yes just like CB userlists the results include the avatar..many cb search coms DONT do this. (such as CB Adv.Search Plugin).


1. There is no module for this.
but you can use a component loader module to load the search into a module.(results may vary)

2. there is no custom search categories. so if you have CB subs and you want to search by different user types, you can but all the users will show the empty fields they obviously dont have. this eats up alot of space.
Having the ability to setup search categories wiht custom fields on the backend would be ideal./

Search #1..contains fields

Search #2..contains fields

3. The results display in one giant column, this eats up alot of screen space. If this could be made to display in a grid that would be excellent.
(similar in nature to Praisebuilders CBuserlist template)

4. Out of the box my results included the wrong itemID to the profiles.

5. A live demo would have been nice as the screenshots provided do give enough information

I have notified the dev about these suggestions and the ItemID bug