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byjames2581, February 25, 2013
Multi Sites
This Program is amazing and can do so much. You will need to have patience and a good understand of how joomla works, database setup, and file structure on your server. There is many tutorials of how to do things and also support is available. We can't put links but if you search MrJameZtown on youtube I did a video on my whole experience with ordering the paid support.

The paid support was worth every penny. If you are frustrated or if you can not get it to work get the support and everything will come together. I explain the whole process in my video.

I was able to get more done in 3 hours then I have all year. He is the expert and let him setup your configuration before you get users and content and have to redo it and possibly loose users.

For those who say support is not good remember if you are in the USA he is in Europe there will be a time difference and delay for him to get back to you.