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byjamesdeanreeves, April 13, 2013
Page Peel Banner
This is a great extension to add to your tool box, and it takes very little effort to have it up and running.

I did have a glitch on a few websites where the 'peel' was transparent, however support responded with a fix less than 24 hrs later, and now all is good.

I can't praise the developers enough when they provide this type of support on a product that they provide for free. It is sad to say that there are some commercial products on JED that don't come anywhere near this level of support.
byjamesdeanreeves, March 14, 2013
DT Register
Let me first say that I would have given this product 4-stars had it not been for one major flaw - non-existent support as of late.

The product itself is pretty good. It has a lot of great features. It is not something that is easily setup though, but with everything it can do, I wouldn't expect it to be easy. There are a few bugs & quirks here and there in it.

What drags this down to a one star is that the support appears to have dropped off the face of the earth in the last month. If you read the DTH forums on their website, you'll see others echoing that as well. It may be that they are having an internal company problem right now and they'll be providing great support soon - I hope so. However, those of us who need support are not getting any right now.

Bottom line is that I can't recommend anyone buying this.
Owner's reply

This customer was upset because he wanted DT Register to have tight integration with K2. For example he wanted to be able to display K2 articles as event descriptions. Long term we will get there.