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Bible Study
I do not know how to say this in a more reserved matter. This is the best component, module that you can get to present Sermons. Here is why.

1. It is Very easy to install.
2. It is Very easy to use
3. It looks very nice
4. It is really very versatile
5. It does not have a lot of overhead. (well written)
6. Tom Fuller treats this like his baby. When it cries he is there. I have NEVER had an issue that TOM was not willing to fix.

Tom Fuller is so dedicated his product and his ministry that he goes far beyond the call of duty

In the christian world of computing there is a great lack in good components out there for churches. I would have to say all that I have tried have had their very unfortunate issues. However the level of depth and professionalism that has went into this component by far outweigh (any) component I have used for sermons or media display and content administration for that matter.

As a man who is working for a church that has great plans to expand rather rapidly new technology and ways to implement it for the user so that is friendly and aesthetic is very key. Longevity is another very important factor. Tom is a great person to work with.

Oregon, Tom Fuller and TEAM --- Great Job and I believe I am not overstating myself in saying you have literally blessed the socks off of every church trying to provide service to their members and the rest of the world. Thank you!