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byjamesnw, September 22, 2012
Bad Word Filter
I'm giving it 5 stars only because it does what it says; however, personally, I think it could be better if it allowed different HTML per group of words, but anyhow... ;)
byjamesnw, September 21, 2012
Ninja Access
Ok, it works, but two things:
1. Modules are hidden, as it claims, but the module position stays (doesn't collapse). I just see an empty box.
2. My module position CSS is dropped completely for the position I place it in, and reset to nothing (perhaps defaults). Clearing the "-flush" class prefix in the Ninja module does nothing (keeps putting it back), so I had to put a space in the box to keep it empty.
In the end, I couldn't make it work with my CSS, disabled it (waste of money at the moment, but hopefully future versions will have it all fixed).
byjamesnw, September 21, 2012
Art Adminer
Can't even test this. I installed it fine, then I keep getting "Access denied for user ... (using password: NO)" EVEN THOUGH I PUT IN A PASSWORD! :/
Owner's reply

The issue is definitely not in Art Adminer, but in .htaccess file on your server that disabled access. You may want to get some knowledge in access to folders and files that is used on your server.

Thousands of users use Art Adminer without issues, there were 2-3 people who got it disabled by .htaccess on their server - we helped them within 24 hours after they contacted us.

All you need before leaving a review about 'non-working' component is to have a look at our forum or just contact us.

byjamesnw, September 18, 2012
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SP Paypal Subscriptions
Very good, though I ran into a wall trying to get it to work, which turn out to be my fault: I didn't have SSL enabled. In your PHP settings, make sure to enable "php_openssl". ;)
byjamesnw, April 19, 2011
Looks really good, except for some reason (in both IE8 and Chrome) none of the images are showing. As well, double clicking on a directory goes into rename mode just before going into it. All in all, looks great, just wish I could see what I'm clicking on. ;)