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byjamesreed, June 17, 2014
Brilliant and very useful extension.

Very easy to install and use too - as Chris Maes says below, just enable it and add :
and it fixes a long-term Chronoforms problem I was having.
Hope to use it to fix some other problems I was having with the cache.

Thanks a lot Crosstec guys.
byjamesreed, February 12, 2014
Flexi Custom Code
This is an incredibly useful module - use it regularly on my sites. Simple install and then easy cut/paste/edit HTML, Javascript and PHP in a module, no worries. This functionality should be built into Joomla, but isn't. Big thanks to the developers.
byjamesreed, February 12, 2014
Great extension, does just what it says, installed, set up the parameters and worked first time! not many do that. Used it for a Facebook RSS feed, so useful. Like the automatic cron feature too. Thanks a lot to the author.
byjamesreed, December 3, 2013
Multiple Locations Google Map
Found this plugin most useful, as only wanted a Google map with locations pin-pointed on it. It was a site upgrade from somebody who had used Widgetkit Maps.

I ended up modifying it a bit - added some extra locations(by default there are only 10) and removed the Phone number display. It could do with more options of what not to display, but other than that works well and was easy to install. This extension does what it says.

Owner's reply

thanks for your comments James.

we will definitely add new features this weekend and will upgrade module....

all the best from the Valley!

byjamesreed, January 26, 2012
Just what I've been looking for, very simple to install/use. Needed it for a flash video, this should be included as part of the Joomla core to be honest.