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byjammerbc, January 20, 2011
BreezingForms is a great component and well worth the money. Lot's of options for great looking and complex custom forms. Had to switch from Chronoforms due to issues with suhosin and hosting provider. Better with more features. There is a learning curve but well balanced considering the powerfull features and options. Recently had an issue, the support was fast and superb, the best I've gotten for any Joomla add on so far. If you need a Forms Toolkit for your site this is the best one I know. I don't write many reviews here. I want to be fair to developers so I save my reviews for the very best or must have add on that help me build better sites faster. BreezingForms is amoung the best and most useful I've found.
byjammerbc, April 20, 2008
XCloner-Backup and Restore
Better than I expected. Does cost a bit but worth the money. Very easy to use. Allows you to backup and or move a complete Joomla site about as easily as possible. I just moved a customer's new 1.5 site from one server to another and it worked flawlessly! Everything works perfectly including the other add on modules. If you want to save time and worry and especially if you have money riding on a Joomla installation you will want to have this. Also note: new version is being designed to allow use with most any PHP MySQL CMS. So if you work with Drupal, XOOPS, CMS Made Simple you may well be able to use it with those as well, check it out.
byjammerbc, April 18, 2008
The best type of software. Balance between ease of use and power. Development for 1.5 is continuing! Though it may be a while. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Tobias the lead is a very nice guy. Give him your Support and Patience if you support this project.