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byjamy_joomla, August 15, 2014
User Login Tracking
This extension is unique and simple. I installed it on my Joomla 3.3 website, it was a peace of mind and smoothly working.
It keeps the admin aware of registered users and their IP address. This function that gives the admin the ability to recognize and even block certain users.
Just one thing that needs correction. If you open it after installation you'll read: "This Plagin Tracks Users" which need to be corrected as "plugin".
However, Thank you Sadiqul Islam for this valuable extension
byjamy_joomla, September 16, 2011
I installed the plugin to my Joomla 1.6.6 website. Installed successfully, then enabled it, and logged out as administrator.
From the front-end, I had created an new account, then I had activated that account by email as any visitor, NOT as an admin.
Unfortunately, I didn't receive any IP Information about the new account.
Then I uninstalled the plugin successfully.
Owner's reply

I am very surprised to hear this. It is a simple plugin, there is not a lot that can go wrong. In order to receive emails your administrator account must be set to receive system emails - did you check this? Also have you checked your spam filter? If you want to contact our support I would be happy to figure out what the problem is.