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byjanaf, January 12, 2012
Admin Tools
The combination of such excellent functions with a so easy to use user interface is unfortunately rare. I wish all extensions where done with the same quality as Admin Tools! Five and half stars!
byjanaf, December 24, 2011
j!Language Editor
J!Language editor is really simple to install and use but has two flaws imo.

One is that it works on the original language files. As far as I understand, the preferred method would be to save changed files in the Override directory. Then, future updates will not overwrite the changes one have made.

Second I found the hard way: J!Language strips out any HTML tags without warning.

One of my applications was misbehaving. I ended up asking the commercial developer of my extension for support and he found the problem was missing tags in the language file. Then I realized what had happened: an HTML tag had been stripped by J!Language without me knowing. I did not connect the problem to the fact that I had opened a language file, changed one word, saved it.

In the same way, if you add a "
Owner's reply

Hello Janaf,

Thanks for pointing the weak points (flaws in your words). I have just fixed the second problem to support HTML and quotes in the language. And I will update shortly to store the updated files in overrides directory.

Thank you once again for using the extension!.

With warm regards,
Raju Gautam