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byjanhelge, July 4, 2013
Kupo Slides Pro
Kupo slides professional is easy to use and flexibe. It is easy to style, some stylingfeatures in control panel. Text used on images can easily be generated in control panel.
byjanhelge, October 26, 2012
Art iSlider
I needed some modifications of this module and I got a response same day and modifications was done in short time. The module is easy and flexible to use. I will use this as a fullscreen presentation. The system will act both as a webpage and a infoscreen system thanks to iSlider.
byjanhelge, February 22, 2012
J Admin Mobile
1 You can only see your articles in html codes.

2 You can only select images from your iPhone, not images that already are on the site.

Works fine for a quick and simple article. But learn html first... Else this is a good start. But I can't give this to my customers because of the html-codes... You fix this and you will get rich :-)
byjanhelge, January 6, 2012
List of Articles in Content
Simple and easy to use, works exact as expected!

If you want blog-layout you should use their Category Block, havent tried it but looks fine and moor powerful.
byjanhelge, August 24, 2011
I use this editor on all my sites. It is incredible easy to use and set up. Easy to make groups with different buttons and JCE also have some nice plugins where you pay for subscription. But I allways uses the plugins like Image manager extended and filemanger.

In the new JCE I really miss the skin from the old JCE. But trying to get used to the new skins.
Owner's reply

"In the new JCE I really miss the skin from the old JCE. But trying to get used to the new skins."

Select 'Classic' from the Toolbar Theme in the Editor Parameters.

byjanhelge, August 24, 2011
To be free this is just fantastic. Very flexible gallerysolution with lots of possibilities. You can use it as a standard gallery, slideshow or..

Extremly easy to use and configure. The demosite is also incredible good with many sample and code to copy.