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byjanjabanja, August 9, 2011
Tweet Display Back
Like other said, great module, especially the css options.
However i have problem so i want to ask to developer:

1. "This user has reached the maximum allowable queries against Twitter's API for the hour."-->This error displays frecuently. I activated cache (from 2 hours to 2 days and still...

2. I dont find where to change this error message (the content and the css so i can style the message if it happens)

pros -> The best plugin for a one line news plain text twitter display - a function that many need.

cons -> The twitter errors appear fecuently, as in other plugins dont.

If developer fixes this it will be the best plugin out there (for me)
Owner's reply

Hi there,

I believe I have one of the few extensions that checks Twitter's rate limiting API when processing data, which is what causes this message to appear. Unfortunately, as much as I have tried, I can't seem to get this method perfect for reasons I haven't figured out yet. I'd say that getting tweets works at least 90% of the time for most, but it's that 10% that is still bothering me.

If you are using Joomla! 1.6+, you can change the message using the core language override system, since it is a hard coded language string. So far as the styling of the message goes, I will modify my code so it displays the message in the same "container" that tweets render in.