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byjarrodm, March 22, 2012
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Max Failed Login Attempts
Does the job, could be polished somewhat.

It would be good to be able to customize the message when someone is blocked .. "Congratulations" doesn't really wash in a corporate environment, also customization would give the ability to provide contact details for the admin - or turn this message off completely. (A malicious person who realizes this block feature is installed could block all accounts of people in a forum they dont like, etc)

When logging in with a wrong password to a blocked account you get the following with or without the plugin enabled:

Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet.

When the plugin is enabled you get the following two lines as well (3 total):

No user by that name, or your account is blocked.
Congratulations, you have just blocked your user account. Please contact the administrator.

It should be limited to just one extra line saying "This account has been blocked" (or as customized) and can be turned on or off.

I realise the text change be changed by hacking at code but including it as options in the interface makes it a lot more friendly!

Hope you find my review of use.
Owner's reply

Good feedback, thanks! I did make the messages semi-configurable using a language file so that you wouldn't ever have to touch the actual cod. I recognize modifying language files isn't as easy or intuitive, so I agree with you it should be configurable by the plugin. I will make this improvement.

You should be able to select "don't send an email" in the dropdown, and then use the BCC field to put any emails to notify whomever you would like to control who does and doesn't get notified.

I'll review the interface to make it more intuitive for the next version. This version was really just to get it out there since I couldn't find one. I hope to get a few fixes done this next week!