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byjascanio, July 1, 2013
Content Statistics
I use Content Statistics on SobiPro. I run a scientific journal with 1000s of entries, which I need to monitor.
I went for a subscription with JoomlaThat, the people behind this extension. The extension is superb, offering you tens of different graphics and hundreds of possibilities. My personal SobiPro configuration is a bit particular, hence I had a small issue integrating CS and SP which I could not solve myself. I contacted support at JoomlaThat and have to admit that I had never had such a 1-to-1 assistance. They dealt with my issue professionally and very efficiently, deep-researching my web, reverse-engineering my sobi configuration at even database level and finally finding my issue. JoomlaThat are people you can trust and outstanding professionals which have pushed joomla analytics to unparalleled levels.
Yes, I do recommend this extensions
byjascanio, June 19, 2013
I needed to develop a web for organizing, displaying, searching, describing, etc. articles within a scientific journal. I analyzed top-of-the-breed document managers, download managers, CCKs, and other tools. All of them would probably exceed my expectations for some sets of my requirements, and have to admit that pre-sales support was second-to-none in all of them, and functionalities and quality of products were 10-out-of-10 in their areas.
But, as my fact-finding phase with my client progressed, I realized that I would need flexibility, adaptability and power, as my client’s requirements appeared to be changing with time (as they have been).
So, I gave a try to SobiPro, and went for a subscription, so I could guarantee having support at hand and access to documentation.
I have to admit that my first impression was overwhelming. As I progressed up Sobi’s learning curve (not as soft as others’) I went more and more confident with the tool. Documentation is enormous and superbly detailed.
I know now that I can do almost anything I want with SobiPro.
Yes, I took the right decision.