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byjasellyn, August 22, 2009
I wish I could tell you how much I have struggled with Joomla BB components to be added to my client's Horror genre site. I had to find an integrated BB which would keep the spam bots and idiots away, as well as giving visitors a chance to view the posts and topics. It was a nightmare. UNTIL I found JooBB. Easy installation; easy integration into my site's template CSS; lots of features; and a great support forum! Thanks for JooBB!
byjasellyn, September 13, 2008
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Flawless installation of component, plugins and module using Joomla 1.5.6, Community Builder 1.2RC and phpBB 3. Even with the little problems I encountered (all of my own ignorance, I want to add) I was able to find the answers in the Support forum without a problem! Best of all, I'm a complete nitwit when it comes to the coding side of anything, so the ease of which this this extension was AMAZING to just WORKED, and it worked perfectly!

The ONLY wish list I have for this extension is that an auto-logout be somehow integrated so that my users don't stay logged into phpBB, but having read the documentation out there, I know this is no easy task and it's really not something that bothers me or them--I'm just greedy!
byjasellyn, August 31, 2008
I only needed to place a couple of songs for streaming on our site, and this extension fulfilled all of my hopes. Easy to install, and it worked PERFECTLY for what I needed. And, as another reviewer said--it's much prettier than the gray bars. Thank you for this super extension!
byjasellyn, June 24, 2007
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When they said it didn't require any knowledge of MySQL and it would all be in the familiar atmosphere of the Joomla backend, I figured, what the heck? As long as I didn't blow up my webhost's server, I desperately needed to set up a database for a genealogical society website. But that was easier said than done. Let me be honest here--I can't even SPELL SQL, let alone program in it...Excel causes me to break out in hives and we won't even go to the hysteria I've suffered from Access!

Installation was super easy. The set up of the forms stymied me at first--mainly because I was dealing with unfamiliar territory. Truly the first errors were mine and I couldn't find answers quickly on the Fabrik forum. I will admit that you have to really comb the forum, but even if you can't find them, you can find helpful users always willing to assist. (It also helps if you read Rob's READ ME FIRST in the forums--which I didn't...and after I had torn a headful of hair from my old gray head, I did go back and read it and found my answer). Duh.

But within three hours I had a BEAUTIFUL database and my users (who are all usually confounded by anything electronic) were happily inputting their data. I then went on to create another form by importing (using the nifty keen Import function within product) from Excel an ENORMOUS database. Once I had figured out that spaces in Excel headings are not happy things from the information in the forum, my data input to perfection with me having to change only a couple of things to get the form just the way I wanted. I didn't even have to mess with templates--they come with the product.

As for improvement: 1) On the extension: though you don't have to know MySQL or PHP functions, it really would help if the terms and functions were more fully explained; 2) a few more information buttons to help "on the fly" would also be great; 3) I really do think that there should be a Wiki page or PDF so that poor Rob won't have to be dealing with the likes of me asking questions he's already answered in his READ ME FIRST!

All in all though, this is a FANTASTIC product and when you're dealing with tons of information which needs to be organized, especially in a genealogical database, this product fits like a glove.
byjasellyn, February 22, 2007
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Ok, I admit it, I am a complete newbie. In fact, I am not a dev or programmer--I am just a middle aged lady who wanted to sell my art and create an online community. Joomla and CB (more fantastic people and products!) solved the last two wishes, but I can only say WOW to VirtueMart for sharing such a SUPER extension! It was incredibly easy to install, fantastic documentation on the website for the minor issues I have experienced and best of all, it works perfectly with my Paypal account. If this little-old-lady can figure it out, it really IS a dream product! Thank YOU!