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byjasonbavington, November 19, 2013
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
I've tried many sliders for many clients and this one is truly THE BEST!

Awesome features and abilities. Responsive design is perfect. Developer support is near lightning-fast.

byjasonbavington, August 1, 2013
We've tried many different Testimonials components over the years. Most did not meet expectations.

THIS ONE DID! Works very well, easy to integrate. And their support is awesome.

byjasonbavington, January 11, 2013
Art CSS Dock
I literally had this up and running on my site in under 5 minutes. Just entered the icon filename,title,and target URL, chose the module position, and it all displayed beautiful!

An excellent gem of an extension.
byjasonbavington, July 19, 2011
As always, the RSJoomla team comes shining through.

After trying several Event components, I've settled on this one mostly due to its great features, but also mainly for their fantastic support.

Support is always very quick and they always go the extra mile to help you out.

Worth every penny. And then some.
byjasonbavington, January 6, 2011
I tried 3 other modal box extensions that didn't work on a complex Joomla setup.

Went back to the drawing board, found this one and would trust it would work great out of the box, as do their other extensions.

Thrilled to find out I was right! Thank you!
byjasonbavington, November 19, 2010
RSform Pro
A fantastic extension that is very robust, stable, and extremely capable. Great add-on programming scripts (for calculations, 1-page cart, etc.) from the developer.

Support has always been stellar. Fast and efficient.

I've tried several Forms programs and have settled on this one for the long term.
byjasonbavington, October 25, 2010
VirtueMart Quick Summary
Great module! Gives the customer some nice eye candy while strolling through the site. AJAX effects help make for a very slick presentation.

Developer support is fantastic. I had a slight problem with a Flash-based menu system overlapping the mod and the dedication to solving the problem was top notch.
byjasonbavington, July 4, 2010
JP Slick Slideshow
Looks very professional, works like a charm "out of the box" and the developer support is fantastic. We needed a minor customization to the code and our request was handled very quickly. You'll love it!
byjasonbavington, January 12, 2010
Email as Username
This plugin delivers just what it says and integrates very well with VirtueMart (VM).

My client, though, wanted to ensure "Guest" checkout. Throughout the holidays, the developer worked tirelessly with me to add this additional functionality....discovering a core VM bug affecting IE in the process, which he, of course, fixed as well.

The developer is incredibly dedicated and passionate and was a true pleasure to deal with.

To receive such a high level of service for such a reasonably priced plugin was a treat!