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byjasperisu, September 12, 2014
Set Generator tag
instead of going into the code, just installed this little plugin.
all you need to do is type in the new Generator-Tag, and set the plugin to Enabled.
Finished :v
byjasperisu, June 10, 2014
Klixo Particles
lovely !
well done.

all sorts of particles, or upload your own. Inside a module or over the whole screen. Endless fun :)
byjasperisu, June 8, 2014
Minitek FAQ Book
loving extension!
Using it as WIKI / Knowledge Base , not as FAQ.

Used on 2.5 .
Now installing the 3.2 compatible version on my 3.3 Joomla .
Hope it works! Please update.

Hey guys, better also add the 3.x logo in the JED .. that'll bring you more customers
byjasperisu, March 30, 2014
Minitek FAQ Book Pro
im using it mostly as a knowledge base.
Very well done. Best KB/WIKI/FAQ-extension out there !
byjasperisu, June 23, 2013
ive tried ZOO, K2 , but EasyBlog is the best out there.
Full blown helpdesk support, and the extension comes out of he box configured to be used for focussing on writing blogs/magazines, with less headache. This will save you lots of time. Im extremely happy to have found it
byjasperisu, June 23, 2013
best out there!

unlike DisQus, Komento is connected with the Joomla login, and has a module with latest comments. perfect