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byjaspur, August 4, 2011
What? Nothing!
I'm don't often do this. I should but I have my excuses like many of us. However, there comes a moment when one experiences such an elevated level of advancement in the tech world that things must be said. Like the Panic! key.

Having said that, let me say this. this plug in works better than expected. compatible with everything (thus far) and though I don't know how it does this, it has influence my life outside of joomla and the computer. Thats right, I have found that I am doing more of nothing than I have ever done before.

I just have to give praise to this evolutionary plugin. try it, you won't be sorry. I'm going to put this in all my clients sites. they need it. as did I.
byjaspur, January 2, 2010
MP3 Browser
I only say good rather than excellent so that the developer doesn't get a big head. always improving is a good thing.

I would like that the download button actually downloads instead of loading another player in a new window.

I would like ecommerce integration.

In general all these great add-ons for music and pictures lack the needed ecommerce integration. if I were a programmer I would take it on. but alas I can only request and hope for such things.
byjaspur, April 28, 2009
Akeeba Backup
To experience joomlapack with kickstart is to experience perfection. I'm ... happy :)