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byjay44, October 17, 2012
Campaign Monitor
I have been waiting for someone to write this little plugin since someone in the company went "Campaign Monitor" without checking if the brideg to joomla existed or not.

This plugin, and the CB plugin do the job as expected.

- easy to install
- good documentation - I found all the instructions I needed to get it up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Thank you Intellispire!
byjay44, August 21, 2012
Installed to try it out and set up a sub-domain to see how it would behave.

A ticket question was answered in good time - very happy with the support.

What a great extension!
byjay44, August 7, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
What a great extension - and gives many improvements on the standard contacts component.
I particularly like the Map integration.
The support from the developer is A1.
5 stars from me!
byjay44, July 3, 2012
KISS GooSence
Downloaded, installed, added my pub number, choose the module position, choose the size of ad - done

So easy!

Also lots of customisation available, and a support forum for if you need help.


wgPicasaPRO Pros:
*Installs well, and is fairly easy to use
*FAQ cover all the usual issues, and so they were solved.
*Unlike other Picasa options, it works as stated.
*Level of difficulty - low to medium - you have to have some attention to detail to get the component and the Picassa settings to match up - well covered in the FAQ documentation.

I am an experienced Joomla user, so when it did not work first time I went searching for the answers and therefore found the FAQ
- it can be tricky!

I did not need to use support, because the FAQ

Thank you wgJoomla for wgPicasaPRO - from a very happy customer.

byjay44, June 21, 2010
This calendar extension is reliable and flexible, and an upgrade to the professional level is well worth while to get the very good looking extra templates.

Support is fast and courteous.

Very highly recommended to the joomla community.

byjay44, December 9, 2007
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Thank you for this plugin - has worked first time and every time.

You may need to explain how to get the You Tube ID for any given video for very newbies.

You Tube gives you all this code to embed:

In this example the 1YwvUpz6A6c is the ID.

{youtube}1YwvUpz6A6c{/youtube} is what goes in your article (after you have installed the plugin that is)