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1) Great looks

By far the best looking scheduling component around.

2) Average Functionality.

As of this writing, multiple ticket pricing functionality is not available. This means you cannot create an event with ticket prices that vary based on age (adult vs kids), membership type (regular vs. student), etc. Many people seem surprised that this is not included. I have to agree that I was, too (maybe because Ohanah seems like such a well done extension that not having this functionality is surprising). Even if this were to be implemented, Ohanah doesn't offer advanced features above/beyond those offered by other events components.

3) Average support.

To have excellent or good support, I think developers need to respond to questions quickly, always be friendly, and avoid being condescending, accusatory, or defensive.

I have used Ohanah support tickets twice, and each time received a friendly reply that was generally helpful and was within a reasonable time.

I have yet to make a suggestion or forum support request, but based on replies I see in their forum (and even on the JED), this type of support by Ohanah appears somewhat slow with the underlying attitude of "well, we never advertised our product as having that functionality and you should have tried the demo, so deal with it." If they were more supportive, friendly, collaborative and less defensive in this regard, I would rate their support higher.


Ohanah is excellent in looks, average in functionality, and average in support. I would buy if you value aesthetics over function and want easy paid event creation for your website with the caveat that you carefully investigate that the included features meet your needs and don't expect any niceties if you are a "needy" customer.
byjaystarkey, July 3, 2013
- Beautiful.
- Runs exactly like it should.
- Even better under the hood.

If Google Chrome or the iPhone where a Joomla Extension, this would be it.
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Login radius makes it super easy to have a bazillion different logins to your Joomla site. Setup takes some time because you have to gain permissions from most sites before can use their login services (like Facebook, etc.), but once you are past this login is a breeze.

Even though LoginRadius isn't Joomla specific (it can be used with other platforms, too), the developers are quick to respond. They fixed a conflict with another plugin in just a couple days with minimal hassle. I also like that they don't ask for more permissions than are needed (like asking for permissions to post things to Facebook for users -- this is usually a turn-off when authorizing facebook logins).

Really, you can't go wrong with this service. I definitely recommend it.
byjaystarkey, March 13, 2011
I really love the idea behind this extension. It allows you to:

1)Edit languages from the frontend, in context, with any easy-to-use interface.

2)Edit "Hidden" strings. These show up in a box off to the side -- strings that aren't visible but are loaded (like in scripts, etc).

I am definitely using it!

Here are some things that need to be polished, though:

1) Since the plugin replaces HTML inline, sometimes the resulting edit icons and/or popups aren't visible, say in a div that hides overflow. If a jtext string is used in a button that pops up something else, you'll never even see the edit box. SOLUTION: The developers could fix this by adding all strings to the side panel by default, so strings could be edited no matter where they are located within the page. But won't this make it harder to figure out where the text is used? Well, not really! In fact, a more reasonable approach might be to place a NUMBER inline (instead of an edit icon), and then have box on the left have NUMBERED ENTRIES that correspond. Instead of a popup edit box, they could then implement a slidedown form - much cleaner as far as the interface goes. You still have feedback about where a string is used!!!

2) Since this extension relies on jquery, it has potential to conflict with other extensions. It doesn't do any checking about if jquery is already loaded or not. At a minimum, it would be nice if jquery were running in a no-conflict mode.

I look forward to this extension becoming more polished. It is a no brainer that this is a terrific way to help translate a site -- edit language strings in context where they are actually used.
byjaystarkey, February 28, 2011
Sleek interface that is classy. Easy functionality. Flexible in terms of placement within content (even before/after the title, etc). This is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to add vote up functionality to their site, and possibly other things like tags.
byjaystarkey, April 28, 2007
I install JCE on every Joomla site I create.

The features I appreciate:
1) Easy image upload and file management compared to the default editor.
2) Better image options when placing it into text.
3) Easy inserting of video/flash.
4) More options for cleaning up HTML or not than the default editor.

I recommend it for sure!
byjaystarkey, March 3, 2007
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I used this on a Joomfish enabled site with three languages. It does a beautiful job of cleaning up those *nasty* joomla links and creating beautifully formed ones. I'm not sure about other people with problems with tons of links, but I haven't had any problems at all. Everyone worked like a charm.

I love all the settings related to Joomfish. Very nicely done.

It took maybe a 1/2 hour of setup time (probably the most time trying to figure out the .htaccess file because I just blazed through without carefully reading the directions in hopes of a 5 minute setup).