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byjaytr, April 4, 2008
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Z Weather
This is an excellent extension, but contains a few problems that need to be worked through. When I upgraded to beta 2, I was unable to see the output in component view (, although it worked fine in the new module. The new location editor is an improvement, but if one accidentally "backs out" of a location without hitting save or cancel, the location locks and it is impossible to get back into it or to access it in any way. I am really looking forward to the cron job for version 6. I was unable to get it to work in version 5, so I am hoping to really work on the new version when it is out (I have godaddy server, which really makes this particular cron job difficult to implement). But again, this is a wonderful product.
Owner's reply

Hi jaytr,

With version 6, you now need to assign a menu item to Z Weather since it grabs the component settings from there. This method is different from version 5 but it now allows multiple component pages for different weather locations. Your URL will change with an appended "&Itemid=xx" text to reflect this.

For the record locking, you can try the "Global Check-In" menu option under the Joomla Administrator's Tools menu to release the lock. I will look into having a better solution for the next release. Thanks for the input.