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byjazzbird77, August 31, 2014
I used to love this extension, but recently a serious flaw has come to my attention: AidaNews is unable to create thumbnails for my articles as it is supposed to. Instead, it creates a generic thumbnail which it then stores in the cache for future use. It turns out that AidaNews is unable to read image files that have upper case characters. So I had to go through all my image files, change all the upper case letters to lower case, then go through all my articles and do the same, then go and delete all the cached thumbnails. Finally, after all this, the thumbnails appear properly. So be advised that the extension works well, but be prepared for headaches if your image file names have any capital letters in them!
I can't seem to get this plugin to work properly. It generates unpredictable results, seemingly resizing some images correctly while ignoring others, and rendering other images to a tiny size for no comprehensible reason.
Owner's reply

Unfortunately you were too lazy to look through the detailed documentation for the plugin. Your aggressive and demanding way of communicating on the support forum, as well as your unwillingness to provide the necessary information to solve the problem, do not leave me any chance to help you with the plugin.

byjazzbird77, July 14, 2014
I have been using VirtueMart for years and I recently switched to Hikashop for a new website. HS is powerful but overpriced. With the free edition, you quickly run into frustrating limitations. Purchasing the 'Essential' edition, at the cost of a hefty 50 Euros or $70, removes some but not all of these limitations. At that price, for example, you can't even fully customize notification emails such as adding your own logo. To remove all limitations (and do what VirtueMart allows you to do for free), you need to buy the "business" edition for 100 Euros or $140. Support has been quick and courteous. However, for the best value I recommend that you stick with VM if you can.
byjazzbird77, July 12, 2014
Creative Social Widget
Very nice extension but lacking in choice of social platforms. I personally would like to see a Blogger button. Some more icon formats would also be welcome.