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byjazzking2001, March 12, 2011
J2XML Importer
It is so simple to use and works great

- installing this component also installs a plugin. TURN IT ON. Now go to articles/sections/users and you will see a EXPORT button. DONE

its pretty straightforward

- if you have issues contact them.
i contacted them and they answered me very fast and effectively
byjazzking2001, July 17, 2010
simple and effective
this is THE pm system for joomla
nvr had any issues with this
it integrates with kunena and community builder
byjazzking2001, March 8, 2010
Akeeba Backup
i just installed it and it works great
i think it surpasses joomlapack in every way
when you are backing up you now see a progress bar and it goes so much faster. before with joomlapack it MAY have taken over 10 minutes depending on server conditions. i used the backup with this newest version and it did it FAST less in 1 minute if even that long (by backup size is between 40 to 50 MB - so that you can compare with your own)

also it looks so much better than before

byjazzking2001, September 11, 2009
Cache Cleaner
this really prevents you from the irritation of having to "manually" go through the hassle of clearing the cache.

I had this J1.0 and i was looking for a similar plugin.

Its great for when you make lots of edits to different plugins, modules ect in that you do not need to leave the page you are editing just to clear the cache.

I also like the points that the prior reviews stated
byjazzking2001, April 11, 2008
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CB Captcha
This stopped all of the spam bots that i was getting.